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Welcome ladies!

In this first LADYSTYLE mini-course I will share with you my techniques, exercises and secrets on how to develop in your solo-expression on the dancefloor, your styling skills in partner dance and also how to grow more CONFIDENCE along this journey!

In these hard times it’s not easy to practice your follow skills in the partner dance itself BUT practicing on your own and working on:

  • Balance
  • Elegance
  • Footwork
  • Armstyling
  • Confidence
  • Techniques
  • Styling in general

is something very essential. Not only to get back to the joy of dancing, but also to prepare yourself for when partner dancing is allowed again!

The course contains some background information about my dancejourney so that it’s more easy to understand how my movements and steps are created, since my style is truly a mix of different dancestyles.

Let’s call it Kiz Fusion!

First of all there is an extra class about MUSICALITY, in where I speak about how I listen to music and how I practice my musicality combined with movments and expression. I would suggest to listen to this one before you go into the exercise classes.

In some classes I’m referring to the musicality class and will ask you to challenge and practice your own musicality as well! Learning how to use the music in different ways to express is what brings me the most joy!


  • #1 Bodymovements, armstyling, posture & walking techniques
  • #2 Footwork & Saïda variations
  • #3 Balance & Elegance
  • #4 Turns & (leg) Lifts
  • #5 FULL Choreography

All of these classes are consisting out of techniques, exercises, challenges and sequenes to practice. I would suggest to take your time listening and practicing these classes (perhaps in pieces) so that your body gets used to the new movements, way of walking & dancing and to find YOU in this journey. Cause in the end, this is the most important part. To find yourself and YOUR way of moving & expressing.I’m providing your with some tools that have helped me, but everyone has their unique style. It’s time to EXPLORE that!

I will be here along the way for questions, tips & tricks and afterwards there will be review call (online private class) to go through all the questions in a more personal setting. I’m looking forward to get this journey started together with you and I hope you’re just as excited!


With love, Daniëlle 


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  • 28 november 2020 10:09
Course Curriculum

Intro & Background

1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Intro & Background


1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Musicality 32m

#1 Bodymovements & Armstyling

1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
#1 Bodymovements & Armstyling 35m

#2 Footwork & Saïda variations

1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
#2 Footwork & Saïda variations 41m

#3 Balance & Elegance

1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
#3 Balance & Elegance 44m

#4 Turns & Lifts

1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
#4 Turns & Lifts 33m

#5 FULL Choreography

2 Lessons / 0 Quizes
#5 FULL Choreography part 1 28m
#5 FULL Choreography part 2 28m
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